The Last Age

Main session - 3/31

The party went back to the hotel after eliminating the forging underboss at the print shop. During breakfast the next day they got a note with the mark of the Prince of Shadows instructing them to show up to a warehouse an hour later. There they met Jandar Mallin, who is one of the higher ups in the Prince of Shadows’ organizations. He asked the party what information they had and let them know he’d be using Bloodrose extract to eliminate both the enforcer underboss and the thieves’ guild headquarters. The party disagreed with his method, so Adir offered another solution; they’d get a less lethal poison on the condition that they’d finish. Adir suggested Jambalaya root, a strong sedative that grows naturally around Axis.

The party had to go back to Axis to get the Jambalaya root. Adir found a contact who provided the root for a cost, and then they went back to Glitterhaegen, totaling 6 days. On their return, Treyshin was stopped in the street by a man who extended an invitation: hear out a proposition from the enforcer underboss. Treyshin considered his offer, but said that he’d have to think it over. The party then returned to Jandar, but he explained that they’d have to refine and extract the root in order to use it.


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